Welcome to DCM Works

We have just released DCM v1.04, which now also supports the popular Blog-Software Wordpress. In the Joomla-Part of DCM there are only minor changes, in the listviews there are now pagers, where you can scroll. In DCM Wordpress you can manage all posts, pages, media and comments. To use DCM Wordpress you must install the web-service plugin for Wordpress which you will find in the download section. Just upload it to your plugin-directory, in wp-admin activate it and then configure it in the settings-section.


We have also released a new Windows 8 App Tool for Joomla LTM Language Translation Manager. This tool allows you to easily manage the language translation-files of a Joomla installation. LTM uses FTP to communicate with your Joomla-site, to up- and download language ini-files. LTM can also automatically translate language-files with the MS Translator API.


If you have any questions with the apps or you need support, feel free to contact me, via the contact-form.

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